Netflix secret codes: discover the hidden categories and all its series and movies

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And the dilemma arrives: what to see? If you still have seasons left of that series that everyone follows except you, there will be no problem, although it is most likely that you will drift through the application watching more trailers than episodes. Yes, it happens to all of us.

Find categories that you never imagined existed

Netflix Iphone Secret Codes

Netflix Codes on iPhone

Although it seems that the Netflix catalog is in absolute chaos, the truth is that the platform has everything categorized in detail. The problem is that detailed sorting does not appear in applications; so it is not possible to carry out searches filtered by specific type of content. That’s where Netflix secret codes come in.

Each specific categorization has a code, even the genres reduced to the minimum expression. Based on these codes it is possible locate related movies, series, shows and documentaries. You can even share the links to the codes, it’s a great way to spread your passion for microgenres.

Fantasy anime, classic silent movies, horror comedies… The coded categories not only offer access to a multitude of curiosities, they also open the door to better related content than that offered by Netflix itself automatically.

With the hidden category codes you can discover related content that you would not otherwise know

Since the categories and codes are hidden, to access this hidden information it is necessary to know the complete list of the catalogue. And there is no need to fight with documents: an app is more than enough.

Netflix hidden codes for Android

Netflix Hidden Codes

The Codes for Netflix app offers a complete list of categorizations and direct access to content by simply clicking on the results. In addition, it allows you to share the links to the search so that anyone can see the related content in your Netflix app. Simple and more than valid for what we are looking for.

Codes for Netflix doesn’t cost a penny and only has a few ads to pay for its development.

Codes for Netflix

Codes for Netflix

  • Developer: Frost Networks
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video

Netflix Secret Codes on iPhone

Netflix Iphone 2 Secret Codes

The purpose is identical to the Android application, although on iPhone the list appears as a selection menu: main category and subcategory. Choose the genre, find a subgenre and voila: Netflix Codes offers you the direct link so you can open it in your streaming app. In addition, you have the option to share the catalog code and save it in favorites to access the list later.

It is a simple app that completes the Netflix experience by completing, bounce, the recommendations by type of content. And it only has one small ad at the bottom: Codes for Netflix is ​​a great recommendation if you have an iPhone.

Netflix Codes

Netflix Codes

  • Developer: Ondrej Borik
  • Download it at: app store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video