Netflix redoubles its commitment to mobile games: these are the new titles that come to iOS and Android

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‘Lucky Luna’ and ‘Desta: The Memories Between’, exclusively

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Netflix has revealed a dozen mobile games within its platform, some already available and others that will be soon. Two exclusive titles stand out from the list that can only be found on Netflix Games (at least temporarily): ‘Lucky Luna’ and ‘Desta: The Memories Between’

‘lucky moon’, from the creators of ‘Alto’s Odyssey’, is a platform game with Pixel Art aesthetics and inspired by Japanese folklore. Our mission will be to guide Luna through hidden dungeons and temples to discover the secrets of her past, but yes, without jumping. It is already available on iOS and Android.

For its part, ‘Desta: The Memories Between’, from the creators of ‘Monument Valley’, is a narrative adventure with turn-based combat where we will accompany Desta inside a mysterious world of dreams. Its release is scheduled for September 27.

Other expected titles coming soon to Netflix Games are ‘Immortality’, ‘Rival Pirates’ and ‘Wild Things: Animal Adventures’. The list is completed by some games that have recently landed in the catalog and are now available for download, such as ‘Into the Breach’, ‘Before Your Eyes’, ‘Moonlighter’, ‘Into the Dead 2’, ‘Mahjong Solitaire’ and ‘ Heads Up’.