Netflix is ​​lacking subscribers and will have plenty of games: it plans to launch up to 30 titles in 2022, according to the Washington Post

netflix is ​​lacking subscribers and will have plenty of games.jpg
netflix is ​​lacking subscribers and will have plenty of games.jpg

According to the latest leaks, Netflix plans to deal with its drop in users by putting more emphasis on its content, especially mobile games. With a catalog that already has 17 titles, Netflix would plan the distribution of another 30 games before the end of 2022.

Perhaps Netflix is ​​the proper name when it comes to streaming series and movies, but it is not that the platform is going through the best moment: after announcing that it had lost subscribers for the first time in a decade, Netflix is ​​planning its future in the medium term to reverse the trend. That is where the war on shared accounts comes in, but it seems that it will not be the only tool with which to maintain and gain users.

Netflix seeks to explore all the possibilities in video games

Netflix Iphone Games

After the rumors that the famous streaming platform was going to distribute video games, the launch came with a careful collection of casual titles available. At the time of publishing this article, Netflix currently has 17 games for iPhone and Android; with a great title waiting in the oven: Exploding Kittens.

The Washington Post cites sources close to Netflix who assure the implementation of a complete strategy around mobile video games. In fact, the company plans to distribute about 30 smartphone titles during 2022; strategy aimed at diversify your content in order to enhance the attractiveness of your users.

The medium anticipates that Netflix will explore all the possibilities of content around video games. This will surely happen by continuing the launch of exclusive titles for its subscribers, but also by combining the different multimedia aspects of the franchises: fiction on the big screen and expansion of the plot in the video game. Nor would it be unreasonable for Netflix to launch its own game streaming platform, such as Google Stadia or GeForce Now; although surely focused on mobile titles.

With the 17 mobile games that Netflix currently has in the mobile app stores, the platform reaps a good number of downloads and positive reviews. Most of the games exceed 100,000 downloads on Google Play with an average rating close to four stars; with Asphalt Extreme and the two Stranger Things games well surpassing one million downloads.

Netflix has not confirmed the expansion of the catalog in the 30 games mentioned, but it is clear that part of its near future is to add more and more titles. And with Exploding Kittens we’ll see if the strategy works for him: it will be a recognizable game, from a very popular franchise in board games and with a television series that will complement the game.

Via | The Washington Post, Android Police