Netflix has a plan to nip shared accounts in the bud: it will be hard to beat

netflix has a plan to nip shared accounts in the.webp.webp.webp
netflix has a plan to nip shared accounts in the.webp.webp.webp

We knew that Netflix is ​​determined to put an end to shared accounts, not in vain does it consider that they limit its capacity for growth. And we already know how it will do it: all the profiles associated with the family account They must connect at least once a month to the WiFi of the main residence. If this is not the case, Netflix can block the reproduction of the content.

2023 is the year in which we will see a paradigm shift in the multimedia streaming sector. Family accounts, those more expensive subscriptions than all the platforms were empowered to gain customers by taking advantage of the fact that they shared themNow they are a problem. Companies like Netflix have become fussier, even as they themselves encouraged the opening of family accounts. It’s time to say goodbye to how we knew them.

You will have to connect to the main WiFi

netflix image

netflix image

Until now Netflix had used the IP address tracking to determine which profiles were the main ones and which were the secondary ones. Through tests carried out in certain South American countries, Netflix distinguished between playback from the account owner’s IP and viewing through different addresses. To find this dissonance, Netflix forced to pay an extra for each different IP; which amounted to a shared account.

From what is shown on the Netflix help page, the company will continue to distinguish by IP addresses when determining which profiles have shared the subscription, but it adds an element that is much more difficult to avoid: the mandatory connection to the WiFi network of the main residence. That is, all users of a Netflix account will have to connect at least once every 31 days to the WiFi network determined as the main one.

Netflix will analyze the IP addresses and also the connection WiFi networks on the web and in the applications. Thanks to this double access control, the company will know for sure which accounts are really family and which are used to share access to content. Y You can block playback in unauthorized profiles, at the moment it will not force an extra payment for a shared account. This option will be an alternative.

Double checking on shared profiles greatly reduces the chances of account sharing, but it doesn’t make it impossible

With the obligation to connect to the main WiFi network at least once every 31 days Netflix does not prevent

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