Netflix enters fully into the production of mobile games with an exclusive version of ‘Exploding Kittens’

netflix enters fully into the production of mobile games with.jpg
netflix enters fully into the production of mobile games with.jpg
It’s been a while since Netflix broke into mobile gaming segment. Specifically, it was last fall when it released its catalog of titles for Android, which shortly after was also extended to iOS. During these months, in addition to expanding its range of games, it has also acquired Next Games and Night School Studio.

Now, the streaming giant has taken a further step in its commitment to the gaming sector and has announced, for the first time, the production of a video game for mobile which will be accompanied by an animated series. Both will be inspired by the same franchise: the popular card game ‘Exploding Kittens’.

The game will be released next month

Exploding Kittens

For the first time, Netflix will release a mobile game and a television series Based on the iconic Exploding Kittens card game. As confirmed by the company, ‘Exploding Kittens – The Game’ will arrive on Netflix in May and will be “an exclusive version” of the popular mobile game that currently exists on iOS and Android.

This new mobile proposal preserves the classic mechanics of the original title, where players must draw cards to avoid the Exploding Kitten. Besides, there will be two new exclusive cards: Radar, which reveals to players the position of the Exploding Kitten closest to the top of the deck, and Flip Flop, which reverses the order of the cards in the deck.

Future cards and game mechanics will be themed around the animated series set to premiere in 2023, so viewers will be able to interact through the game with their favorite characters from the series. ‘Exploding Kittens – The Game’ will have options for both single and multiplayer and will be available for free to Netflix subscribers, with no ads or in-app purchases.

This is the first time that the streaming platform has developed jointly a game and an animated series Netflix assures that this initiative will open “new paths” because it will allow them to offer viewers “new ways to connect and interact with the franchise.”