Netflix doesn’t want you to download its series on Android TV, but there is a trick to get it

netflix doesnt want you to download its series on android.webp.webp.webp
netflix doesnt want you to download its series on android.webp.webp.webp

The best-known streaming platform is available on most devices, including Android TV, but here it does not offer the same features as on smartphones: the download of the content to play without internet connection is dropped from the options. It makes sense on TV, but what if you wanted to take

Being able to download the pending episodes of a series to your mobile is usually a premium option on most streaming platforms; not in vain the telephone is the best weapon against boredom during the long

Your Android TV and Netflix, vacation companions

Netflix Android Tv Downloads

Netflix downloads on TV

Netflix offers two streaming apps on Android: one for smartphones and tablets, the main one, and one for Android TV devices, the one with the “ninja” appellation in its package name. At the level of basic services, both offer the same service: access to playback content, favorites, viewing profiles, subtitles, language selection… However, Netflix for mobile is more versatilesince, among other additions, it includes the always welcome content download.

As we said at the beginning, on TVs it makes little sense to have an option with which to save series and movies in memory, but that does not imply that we should banish the offline use of the possibilities. The “ninja” app for TVs does not contemplate it. That’s why, We can install the mobile version on TV in order to have the download and offline viewing.

The advantage of downloads is clear and noticeable. Even so, the mobile app has disadvantages on televisions with Android TV, they are the following:

  • Navigation is tactile, it is not intended for the remote control. It is essential to use a mouse connected to Android TV or a game controller, for example.
  • The grid cards are not well ordered on TV. Derived from the previous problem, the appearance of Netflix for mobiles on TV is not correctly adapted.
  • Android TV storage can fill up too quickly. Even so, Netflix can also save the content on an SD card, as long as the player has this advantage.

Having to navigate Netflix with a mouse or a game controller isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but the truth is that the app works perfectly. And the reproduction of the content is as expected: the image fits the entire surface of the screen without losing the subtitle and language options.

The process to have the mobile app on Android TV is the usual one for installing APK files on TV. Just follow the steps below:

  • Access APK Mirror and download the latest stable version of Netflix.
  • Install the file on your Android TV according to the installation method you want. File Commander is our favorite.
  • You need the Sideload Launcher to run the Netflix mobile app, the APK you installed. Download Sideload Launcher from your Android TV store.
  • Connect the mouse to your Android TV (or a gamepad that enables the on-screen cursor) and open Sideload Launcher.
Sideload Launcher Android Tv

Netflix for mobile via Sideload Launcher

  • Now look for the Netflix mobile app. It’s the red N with a black background, the one for Android TV (the ninja) has a white background (and the full name of the platform).
  • Log in with your Netflix user and navigate the grid with the mouse just as if you were using your finger on your mobile screen.
  • Access the app settings by clicking on your avatar, at the top right. Then go to “Download video quality» and select «High». If you are using an SD on your Android TV, select it from the “Download location” menu.
Netflix Android Tv Downloads

Download button for a full season

  • Go back to the Netflix grid and browse the movies, series and documentaries you want to download to have them accessible offline. Go entering each title and choose what you want to download.
Netflix Android Tv Downloads

Download folder in the app installed on the TV

Once you have downloaded what you want, you will have it in your downloads folder, accessible from the bottom menu of the app. You can see all that content when you do not have an Internet connection, you just need to open the Netflix app again and navigate with the mouse to the downloads. The playback will be identical to the native Android TV app, although maybe you notice a loss of quality due to the characteristics of the Netflix download system.

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