Nearby Share launches two functionalities that are already being released: transfer to multiple users and visibility for all

nearby share launches two functionalities that are already being released.jpg
nearby share launches two functionalities that are already being released.jpg

The alternative to AirDrop for Android, we refer to a native alternative since we already had other options in the form of third-party apps, arrived on the Google operating system in August 2020. The name of the added function was called Nearby Share and it allowed transfer files wirelessly between all compatible devices that had the same functionality. And the functionality was extended to Android 6.0.

Now, a little over a year later, Nearby Share is preparing to take another leap forward with Android 12 in the final stretch. New options are added to the app, which is already beginning its deployment, to wireless sharing. Specifically, two: share files with up to four people (not simultaneously) and to be able to make ourselves visible to everyone, whether they are contacts or not.


What XDA Developers has now been able to verify is that this functionality is already expanding for users who are currently enjoying the Android 12 beta, although it will not take long to reach other users of other versions of the operating system as well. The caveat with this “multiple sharing” is that the files are not transmitted all at once to all users but rather Nearby Share creates a transfer queue and sends them one by one. As long as we accept the reception, of course.

Visibility for everyone

… and also make ourselves visible to everyone who wants to

As happens when we try to establish a connection with a Bluetooth device, Nearby Share will allow us to make ourselves visible to everyone with a simple touch on the application interface. A) Yes, Any user with Nearby Share who is in range will be able to see us to request in

As indicated by XDA Developers, the functions have been detected with the arrival of Beta 5 of Android 12 but they have reports of at least one user on Android 11 who also has access to both, so perhaps these are enhancements that are released by user groups. Stay tuned because it may come soon.