MyIcon, an app to decorate your Android mobile with easily personalized icons

myicon an app to decorate your android mobile with easily.jpg
myicon an app to decorate your android mobile with easily.jpg

Android has always been an operating system where customization prevails: from changing the wallpaper to replacing basic applications such as the keyboard. MyIcon is an application that makes it easy for you customize home screen icons as you like the most.

The application, from the same creators of Magic Widgets, allows you to create shortcuts in the Android launcher using one of the hundreds of icons available or create custom icons very easily.

Your home screen, to your liking

If you want to change the mobile icons, generally the solution is to use Android themes if your mobile supports them, or change the icons with an icon pack, which is compatible with most Android launchers. MyIcon is a somewhat different solution that is based on create custom shortcuts.

As soon as you open the application you will see the icon packages available at the top and that you can expand by tapping on More. The list is extensive, they are quality icons and most packages include 50 icons. The advantage of using MyIcon instead of an icon pack is that here you can combine icons as you want, without having to choose a specific package.

The process to create a custom login is simple: you tap on an icon pack, choose the icon within it, and select the application you are linking to. Optionally, you can add a personalized text. If you don’t, the application name is used.


Then press Use and it will be your pitcher’s turn to ask your permission to add shortcut to the home screen. Generally, a screen appears where you are told that you can add the icon manually, keeping your finger pressed and moving it to the place you want it to occupy.

In some cases, the button is also included Add automatically, which will let the launcher choose where to put the shortcut automatically. This is faster, although there is no way of knowing where the icon in question will end up.


If none of the icons convince you, you can always create your own icon. The app calls this DIY icons and it’s basically an easy way to create an icon from images you have on your mobile.

The process goes through choosing the image or a color and add overlay icons or texts, being able to choose their color. If you want, you can do this in bulk, using a bunch of photos and creating an icon pack in seconds. After creating this icon pack, you can use it just like the ones that come in the application.


Finally, the application has a section on Topics, which combine a wallpaper and icon pack. It is something like a way to customize the appearance of the home screen in a more automated way, without having to go one by one.

Basically what you have to do is choose a topic and press Use. This will change the wallpaper of the mobile to the one of the theme and will automatically insert all icons of installed applications. Depending on the launcher you have, it is quite possible that it will ask you for confirmation one by one, which is a bit tedious.


The result is similar to that of apply an icon pack, although they are still shortcuts, so that applications will still have their normal icon in other places, such as in the application drawer. It also has the advantage that you can make changes if the automatic mode does not convince you too much.

MyICON - Icon & Theme Changer

MyICON – Icon & Theme Changer

  • Developer: MagicVaried
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Personalization