Movistar + renews its application with children’s profiles, floating player, access without password and more

movistar renews its application with childrens profiles floating player.jpg
movistar renews its application with childrens profiles floating player.jpg

In recent weeks, Movistar has focused its efforts on attracting new customers with discounts on financed terminals and a significant reduction in its fiber offer. But for keep an eye on your current customers, has just completely renewed the mobile app of its television platform.

Movistar + has received an update on iOS and Android which, in addition to bringing a new design, incorporates quick navigation between content tabs, a floating player, access without the need for a password at home, the children’s profile and a few other new features.

Movistar + launches a new app

New Version App M

The Movistar + app for mobile devices has a new version available for smartphones and tablets Android 8 or higher and iOS 12 or higher. In the case of iOS, the operator advises that the update will arrive throughout the month of November, but we have verified that version 7.0 already appears in the App Store.

With the objective of improve user experience, Movistar + has renewed the application with a more modern design, more visual and easier to use. The images take on a greater prominence and both the buttons of the drop-down menu as well as the Aura and the search engine appear at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, the CHANNELS section now not only allows you to see the information of what is being broadcast at that moment, but also streets classified by categories so that you can easily locate, for example, the movies and series that are currently being broadcast. And in the channel GUIDE, now you can see the progress bar of the program that is being broadcast on a specific channel, without having to access it.

New App New Design

Beyond this renewed aspect, the Movistar + app has added new functionalities, among which the following stand out:

  • Seeker: in addition to showing you more results at a glance, new tags are added to give you more options when doing a search. These labels are proposed as soon as you access the magnifying glass, without entering any character and, as you type, they adapt to fit what you are looking for.
  • Contents tab: now the tab, in addition to giving more prominence to the image, displays the information in a cleaner and more orderly way. Navigation between tabs has also been incorporated, so that, when consulting a tab of a content, by moving the tab to the right or left you will be able to see the previous or subsequent content without having to go back.
  • Share content tabs: when you enter a content tab, you will find an icon to share with your contacts the direct link to that tab in the applications you have installed on the device.
  • Playback screen: in addition to having a guided navigation through the content, one of the improvements that have been implemented in the playback screen is the ability to advance and rewind by seconds in the mini images.
  • Child profile: in addition to the four different profiles that could be created so far, the option to restrict the content has been enabled in such a way that you convert a profile into a children’s profile only with content up to 12 years of age.

Child Profile

  • Floating window: to continue playing content while browsing other applications, Movistar + has added a floating window, which will be generated automatically when you go to any application on the device without closing the playback screen. In addition, an icon that turns the full screen into a floating window has been enabled below the progress bar.
  • Automatic login: from now on, Fusion customers who access the app within their home network, either via cable or WiFi, will be able to watch their TV channels or play their favorite content without having to enter the passwords.

Movistar +

Movistar +

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