Movistar Plus+ launches a new channel dedicated to women’s sports: this is the new ELLAS #V

movistar plus launches a new channel dedicated to women's sports this is the new ellas
movistar plus launches a new channel dedicated to women's sports this is the new ellas

Lovers of sports in general and women’s sports in particular will soon find a new channel with female athletes as protagonists . Movistar Plus+ has confirmed that a new channel will arrive this week , which they have named ELLAS #V .

It will be a new channel that, it seems, will follow similar lines to #VAMOS, a channel that landed in 2018 and that has been the reference of the platform in sports content for these years. Now it will add a new variant in which sportswomen will focus one hundred percent of the content.

Live broadcasts and reports, the new ELLAS #V

They Movistar Plus

“A leap in the visibility strategy of the entire sport” is how Movistar Plus+ describes this new channel that will begin its broadcasts this Friday, April 8 . The company intends to offer women’s sports broadcasts of all kinds, taking advantage of the broadcast agreements they already have for golf, rugby, paddle tennis, basketball (NCAA and WNBA), tennis (WTA), boxing, volleyball, cycling or rhythmic gymnastics competitions. .

Movistar Plus+ considers this channel to be a fundamental part of the ” construction of The Infinite Stadium “, which is a new concept that they are introducing now and with which they want to show themselves as one of the leading platforms in sports-related content strategy. In fact, along with DAZN, it is the platform where you can enjoy a greater number of content related to sports.

Although ELLAS V# will not only experience live broadcasts, the platform itself confirms that it will feed the channel with other related content such as reports or inspiring stories starring female athletes.

And although this channel seems to drink from the inspiration of #VAMOS, it will not be located near dial 8 like this, but will go to dial 56 . We remember that until now this dial is occupied by Movistar Deportes 3, but as of Friday it will be replaced by this new ELLAS #V.