Movistar Plus+ has reordered all its channels: this is the complete list as of today

movistar plus+ has reordered all its channels this is the complete list as of today
movistar plus+ has reordered all its channels this is the complete list as of today

After having completely renewed its image, Movistar Plus+ announced its plans to reorder its entire television grid. The change was scheduled for today, June 2, so that, when you turn on the TV, you will see that many channels have moved to another dial.

It should be clarified that this rearrangement affects the usual Movistar Plus+ channels , not the Clic channels that group content on different topics and are periodically renewed. In any case, if you don’t want to go crazy with the remote as of today, we’ll tell you how the new list of Movistar Plus+ channels looks like with their corresponding dials.

Changes start at dial 11

Movistar Plus 02

Movistar Plus+ has automatically reordered its channels, so that you can now consult the new dials in the Guide or ask Aura to say them if you have voice control. It is also possible to access the dial finder at to locate the channel you want and see the new dial it is on.

The first ten channels (DTT generalists and their own channels such as #0 and #Vamos) remain on their current dials and the rest are still sorted by categories, but some change their position:

  • Cinema : Between dials 11 and 29. Although it is not a cinema, The Resistance by M+ will be on dial 21.
Movistar Plus Cinema Dials
  • Series – Between dials 30 and 47. Although not a series, THIRTEEN will be on dial 42.
Movistar Plus Series Dials
  • Sport – Between dials 49 and 79.
Dials Sports Movistar Plus 02
  • Documentaries – between dials 80 and 88.
Movistar Plus Documentary Dials
  • Lifestyle – Between dials 90 and 97.
Movistar Plus Lifestyle Dials
  • Children’s programming : between dials 109 and 119.
Movistar Plus Children's Dials
  • Music – Between dials 120 and 126.
Movistar Plus Music Dials
  • National and international news: between dials 127 and 149.
Movistar Plus Informative Dials

As for the regional channels , most do not change position because they are still on dials 9 and 10, but those that were found after dial 150 move slightly.

Movistar Plus Regional Dials

The Playboy and Fútbol Replay channels will be on dials 190 and 199 respectively. In addition, for ADSL/Fiber TV and UHD decoder customers, dials 100, 101, 102 and 103 are available, offering direct access to Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and DAZN .

Automatic change for all clients

This change of channels will be automatic for all clients , you do not need to do anything, except if you have the satellite decoder (not iPlus). In this case, Movistar has confirmed that the change will be made on June 8, but you can do it manually with the remote control starting today by following these steps:

  • Press the “Perso” key on the remote.
  • Select option 5 “Channel memorisation” and press OK.
  • Select option 6 “Automatic storage” and press OK.

You should also know that, if you had a blocked channel, you will have to do it again from the Settings / Channel blocking section . Platform-level locked channels, such as the Playboy channel, maintain the lock with the dial change.

Also, if you have active favorite channel lists on your decoder , you will need to disable the list and re-enable it from the same miniguide for the new dials to update.