More power for WhatsApp group administrators: they can delete any message

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delete for all, with which you can cancel a message if you regret it shortly after sending it (60 hours). Only you can undo your own messages, but if you’re in a group now group admins can too.

Admin can delete messages for everyone

If we compare the possibilities of moderation that the administrator of a WhatsApp group has with other applications, the truth is that they cannot do much. Something as basic as remove a message from the group regardless of who wrote it, it was not possible.

This is the great novelty that is now being deployed on WhatsApp: the deletion of messages by administrators. The concept is very simple: the administrator of a group can delete any message for everyone, even if they did not write it.

Delete all

When using delete for all As an administrator in a group, WhatsApp warns us that the message will be deleted for all participants and it will be visible an administrator removed it. The text “Deleted by an admin” is displayed in the chat. This novelty is not yet active for all users, although it is expected that it will be extended little by little in the coming weeks.

Until now, admins could kick a user out of chat at any time, but whatever they said before leaving stayed in chat forever, as only the sender could delete the message for everyone. With this change, administrators have a little more control and tools to keep order in WhatsApp groups.