More power for Bixby routines: Samsung launches application that you can now download

more power for bixby routines samsung launches application that you.jpg
more power for bixby routines samsung launches application that you.jpg

Samsung has created a new application that adds more potential to its assistant, Bixby: with the new Good Lock module routines are given new options in order to carry out much more complex actions in a simple way. Location-based shortcuts, macro taps that can be executed manually, voice alerts when battery is low, and more.

Personal assistants brought much more freedom to telephones at the cost of certain inconveniences; What having to use voice and privacy concerns raised by the use of data. And, since there is great competition in the attendee segment, their Artificial Intelligence evolves rapidly as brands add options. And Samsung has completed one of Bixby’s most powerful tools: routines. It does so with a Good Lock module that is now available for download.

Good Lock increases the possibilities of Bixby routines

Bixby Good Lock Routines

It is surprising that Samsung does not directly include the new Bixby options in the assistant and opts to add them as a module to Good Lock, the set of tools that allow you to fully customize a Samsung Galaxy. Still, the new module is more than welcome: it’s called Routine + and, as its name suggests, it adds more power to routine setup.

The aforementioned routines are automatic actions that start after a trigger. For example, routines can be created that are activated with a specific order, also when the scheduled time arrives, is on the way to work or an app is opened. And with Routine + the possibilities are expanded, both in actions and triggers.

The app is available on the Samsung Galaxy Store and is installed as a Good Lock module. So, if you didn’t have said Good Lock installed, the first step is to download the module launcher and, from there, install Routine +. The app allows:

  • Quick actions based on location by pressing the buttons on the Samsung Galaxy.
  • Recording touches in the applications you Bixby can run as a macro.
  • More control options for S Pen air gestures.
  • Opening of webs when the mobile is unlocked with the fingerprint.
  • Samsung Bixby can read custom text when the phone’s battery is low.
  • Routine + allows share Bixby routines as QR codes.
Bixby Good Lock Routines

The Good Lock module is an essential extra for everyone who uses Bixby routines. It is available in the Galaxy Store and has no cost, no ads.

Via | XDA Developers