More Android apps in Windows 11: Microsoft definitely opens the door thanks to the Amazon Store

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more android apps in windows 11 microsoft definitely opens the.webp.webp.webp

The relationship between Windows and Android has taken an important step forward. In mid-2021, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 was going to be compatible with Android apps. They wanted to prevent users from using emulators to use these Android apps on PC and prepared Windows 11 with WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android).

This enriches the ecosystem, since more and more Android manufacturers allow a shared view or transfer of files with the PC natively, but the possibility that we have our Android apps, directly, in Windows. Now, the relationship goes one step further and Microsoft invites you to create Android applications for Windows 11. The secret? Open the doors of the Amazon store.

Microsoft invites any developer from the Amazon Appstore

Android integration in Windows 11 It’s great because it opens up a field of possibilities. Until now, there were certain restrictions on the apps that could be created for the Amazon App Store, so sometimes it was almost better to install an APK file directly in Windows 11.

However, Microsoft just did a major containment in which it has integrated its Bing AI (based on GPT-4) into the system to replace Cortana and make it a co-pilot, in addition to announcing that they are beginning to remove barriers when it comes to bringing Android apps to Windows 11.

Until now, there were certain requirements that developers had to meet, but now any Android developer can bring their applications to Windows thanks to the opening of the Amazon App Store. It seems that it is out of beta and the WSA system will take a leap in terms of the number of applications.

In fact, It seems that there are no limits because WSA is compatible with Android 13performance has been improved and improvements are being added to memory management and Picture in Picture modes.

Here not only Microsoft is interested, but also Amazon. In fact, we can see a support page for developers, in which they indicate how to optimize android apps for windows 11, such as native mapping of apps or resizing the window to fit better. There are also video tutorials.

From now on, it’s a matter of time before we start seeing more Android apps on Windows 11 and if you want to try, the store is available in 31 countries, including Spain. Regarding Latin American countries, it seems that there is still no news.

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