Microsoft News is now Microsoft Start: this is Google Discover’s rival

microsoft news is now microsoft start this is google discovers.jpg
microsoft news is now microsoft start this is google discovers.jpg

The news app of Microsoft it changes its name again. If in 2018 it went from MSN News to Microsoft News, now three years later we have another new name change: Microsoft Start.

This name change is due to the fact that Microsoft has completely redesigned the web version of its news portal, now offering from the browser the experience that they were already offering on mobile devices, and to make this change more widely known, its news service has a new name and logo.

This is Microsoft Start for Android

Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start wants to be our starting point today, with an application that wants show us the content that interests us the most and in a simple way. We are facing the rival of Google Discover.

If you already used Microsoft News on your mobile, when updating the only two changes you will see will be that now the application is called Microsoft Start and his new icon. In this change, the company has not redesigned the application, since it did not need it.

Microsoft Start

Its application will show us the news, with the news, articles and last minute of the topics that interest us. In the main view all the recommendations, which we can read using your tabbed browsing as if it were a browser, with private mode included in case we want the search data not to be saved on our device.

Microsoft Start allows us to configure our interests, say what news or media we like or do not like to improve the recommendations, or save news to read later. It also allows us to explore all the news through the different categories.

Microsoft Start

What’s more, Microsoft Stars It also includes a news search engine and its own Google Lens to search for images, products or texts, with the options to copy or translate the texts recognized with the photo camera of our mobile phones, or from the gallery.

Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start (News)

  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: News & Magazines

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