Microsoft integrates GPT-4 into the keyboard of all Samsung Galaxy: the relationship between Samsung and Microsoft continues to strengthen

microsoft integrates gpt 4 into the keyboard of all samsung galaxy.webp.webp.webp
microsoft integrates gpt 4 into the keyboard of all samsung galaxy.webp.webp.webp

It is clear that, for many processes, artificial intelligence is being a revolution. It is a great tool for generating images, but also generating texts It has become an essential ally for many people. Therefore, the more accessible it is, the better.

That’s something that

Samsung is a little closer to Microsoft and a little further from Google

When we talk about Bing AI, we should talk about GPT-4. When the Bing chat beta launched, there was a discussion about the language model used and, in the end, on the day that GPT-4 was announced, Microsoft confirmed that it was what they had been using all along.

OpenAI benefited from Azure servers to train its language model and Microsoft got an artificial intelligence that leaves Google’s Bard in the ground. Now the company that benefits from this is Samsung, since Microsoft has just confirmed via Twitter that will release a SwiftKey update for Samsung Galaxy devices with the integration of its artificial intelligence.

And you may think that where is the news if the Microsoft keyboard could already be downloaded and included this function. Good, What’s interesting about this is that SwiftKey is pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy without having to do anything special, users of those devices can access both pitch checker and chat in any app as long as they use that keyboard.

The chat is well known, but the tone corrector is the most interesting because it is used to write a sentence, “Hello, how are you?”, for example, and we can pass it through several filters (casual, coworker or professional) to receive suggestions on the register that we should use in each environment.

If you don’t like Microsoft’s keyboard, of course, you can always go with Samsung’s or Google’s G-Board. But precisely with Google there is an interesting topic. And it is that, a few weeks ago, a rumor broke that Samsung was working more closely with Microsoft so that Bing was the default search engine on its devices.

This is nothing closed and in Europe they would have a major stumbling block just like Google in the past with a historic fine, but the integration of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence by default in all Samsung devices is one more sign that something is brewing.

In fact, for some time Samsung and Microsoft have made good friends with the integration of the Office office suite on mobile phones and tablets, as well as promotions with Game Pass. We will see what happens in the future with this supposed break between Google and Samsung, but what is clear is that Microsoft is betting very heavily on Bing with artificial intelligence.

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