Meta knows that you have many Facebook and Instagram accounts and will allow you to create more and switch between them easily.

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Fast account switching


The first novelty announced by Meta is a new account changer which will replace the current selector that appears when clicking on the arrow icon, both on Facebook and Instagram.

This window receives a new design and now combines information from both applications, including the associated accounts and how many pending notifications each of them has. In this way, from your Facebook you can also control your Instagram accounts and jump to one of them with a few taps, to read the pending notifications.

Create new accounts

The new account switcher includes a shortcut to create a new associated account, so that they are linked to the same login and security (that is, to the same user, password and possible two-step verification configuration). This was already possible on Instagram, but not on Facebook unless we’re referring to a Page/Company account.


The process is also quite simple, because basically we are only going to have to press the new account button when we already have an account with the session started. The linked account inherits privacy protections from parent account and, in addition, Meta tells us that it will be possible to precisely configure which account is the main one and which ones can be used to log in to which ones.

Meta has announced that these novelties are in testing on Android and iOS globally, which means that it will appear to a random number of users in the coming weeks and months, until – if all goes well – it will be extended to all users at some point.