Messenger brings the effects and skins to group calls and will soon be on Instagram too

messenger brings the effects and skins to group calls and.jpg
messenger brings the effects and skins to group calls and.jpg
Although augmented reality effects for photos and videos In the United States they are the territory of Snapchat, outside of North America it is other apps that popularize them. This is the case of Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging and calling app, which has long incorporated these effects to its individual calls, but the time has come to continue expanding them.

Just over four years after the announcement of the arrival of these effects to individual video calls, Facebook advises that they also extend to group video calls. So as soon as we have them active (not for now, at least in the terminals we have tested), we can use them in video calls with friends and family.

Effects for group and room video calls

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is the app that garners the most headlines in the entire Facebook ecosystem, the truth is that Messenger continues to progress adequately and has become an interesting alternative to make group video calls since the arrival of the Rooms. Now Facebook brings some more fun to group video calling with the arrival of augmented reality effects.

Thanks to these augmented reality effects we can play to put on masks, different hair colors, facial hair and accessories such as hats and others in group video calls. Effects will be available both for normal group calls and those created from the Rooms, so they will reach every corner of the application.

To use them we will have to have the effects already active (at the moment they are not yet) and press the emoji button during the call. The button will show us the option of “Group Effects “ and we will be able to choose which one we want to apply at that time, both we and any other user who is present in the video call at that time.

But in addition to this announcement, Facebook has indicated that the augmented reality effects will also jump to another of its most popular apps. After Messenger, the effects will reach Instagram, although Facebook has not set a date for this arrival and has only indicated that “they will arrive soon.” We will be attentive for when the disembarkation occurs.