Messages that disappear but are saved and cannot be saved: the latest mess that WhatsApp prepares

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in which case the message will disappear.

The mystery of the disappearance of messages

WhatsApp allows us to mark as highlighted the messages that we want to have more at hand, but things get complicated when a chat has the self-destruction of messages active because all the messages disappear as if by magic after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days, depending on the configuration. To avoid this, WhatsApp is preparing a special message save for temporary chats.

The feature has been in development for some time and isn’t live for users yet, but it will essentially replace the star for starring messages with a new bookmark icon. The temporary messages that we save will be accessible from a special section of the chat (just as the highlighted ones are today) and, as is obvious, these messages will not be deleted automatically.


So far everything normal. The complication arrives because WhatsApp is preparing an additional twist by which you will not be able to save a message if its author has chosen not to save it, in which case you will receive the warning window above, courtesy of WaBetaInfo. It states that “the message cannot be saved” because “the author of the message has discarded it, so no one else can save it again in this chat.”

Thus, in a temporary chat we will have the option to save any message to prevent it from being deleted, but there will be exceptions: some messages cannot be saved, if its author so decides. It makes sense, although it must be recognized that it is all much more messy than strictly necessary.

Via | WaBetaInfo