Material You to your liking with Repainter: the customization app is now free in its basic version

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Repainter allows us to configure the system colors in detail using various tricks that sometimes work, sometimes not. It was launched as a paid application that cost 5.49 euros and now it’s free with limited features making it easier for you to test if it works well on your mobile and, if so, you think about whether to unlock all the functions by going through the box.

Android 12 with your favorite colors

Material You creates a color palette from the wallpaper you’re currently using, although there are several ways to create such a palette or maybe you just don’t like the resulting colors. In some android layers you have options to adjust the colors of Material You, although there are usually not many. On other layers you don’t even have the option to adjust anything.

Repainter is an application with which you can customize android 12 and above themes. The app works best with root, but you can also use it on some phones without root but using wireless ADB instead similar to how Shizuku works. The good news is that the app walks you through what works and what doesn’t and the setup process, making it super easy to get up and running.


Without root, Repainter uses wireless ADB from the mobile itself, although it guides you through the configuration process

Afterwards, the application itself gives you a summary of what you are going to be able to customize on your mobile, since not all the functions are available in all the layers and versions of Android. The normal thing is that you can at least choose the color palette to use in apps that support Material You.

Repainter generates color palettes based on the wallpaper and lock screen background, in addition to others with independent colors. If none of them convinces you, you can press pick color and choose your favorite color.


The free version allows you to create a single style, but the app has up to six different styles to use as a base to customize, and that you will also be able to try but as a 3-day trial. After those three days, the subscription is 3.54 euros per month or a single payment of 8.85 euros, for life.

Taking into account that the success of the application in modifying the themes depends on several factors, it is appreciated that you can now try it in its basic version no need to pay anything. Obviously, the app needs Android 12 or higher to work. The changes you make in Repainter are kept when you uninstall the app and restart.

Repainter dynamic themes

Repainter dynamic themes

  • Developer: kdrag0n
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Personalization