Macro mode comes to all iPhone from 8 thanks to Halide

macro mode comes to all iphone from 8 thanks to.png
macro mode comes to all iphone from 8 thanks to.png
Halide is the best manual camera app for iPhone since, in addition to allowing manual controls, a quality RAW and even a pre-developed RAW to take work away, enhances some of Apple’s own features. The star with the launch of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro has been the macro mode, which is restricted for these models.

With the new Halide update, its version 2.5, all iPhones from 8 can enjoy macro mode, great news. In addition, Halide allows you to control the macro mode manually, without it being activated automatically as, today, it does in the iPhone 13 (although Apple promises that this will be corrected with an update).

Macro mode for (almost) all iPhones

Ui Closeup Macro 2

Even though Apple does not allow macro mode on any device other than the iPhone 13, Halide does allow it. The app is able to analyze with which lens they can achieve a closer focus and, through artificial intelligence, they manage to capture the greatest possible detail once the photo is taken.

“First you check which of your cameras can focus closer and switch to it. Then you offer ultra-precise focus control – down to the millimeter – to make your tiny subject perfectly sharp. Finally, once shot photography, Neural Macro gets to work: a powerful AI-based detail enhancement process extracts even more detail from the processed image. ” Halide.

The only requirement that is asked of us is that let’s have at least an iPhone 8, or any of the models that followed. This implies that all iPhones released as of September 2017 can have macro mode with this Halide update.

Macro Mode Halide

Besides this, macro mode is activated manually in Halide, so in the iPhone 13 it will not be activated automatically, as it does now. This is quite useful when we do not want the macro to be activated, since it usually does it on occasions when we do not need it. In the same way, allows you to control the macro focus, something that Apple does not allow.

The price of Halide is 36 euros, one-time payment to have the app forever. High price but, in our experience, it is by far the best application to take advantage of the iPhone. It has a quality RAW, fully manual controls, a depth map more faithful than Apple’s for portrait mode and constant updates.