Listen to WhatsApp audios even with the screen off, we tested your note player in beta

listen to whatsapp audios even with the screen off we.jpg
listen to whatsapp audios even with the screen off we.jpg

WhatsApp already allows you to listen to voice notes from any other application, even with the screen off: the new audio player of the app has reached the beta of WhatsApp for iPhone. And we have tested it: It is a huge advance in those conversations where audios abound.

Sending a voice memo often saves on exchanging a large number of messages; no matter how much some get away with those notes and instead of audios send podcasts. WhatsApp allows you to listen to them from the chat where they were sent, but they do not continue to sound if you change the conversation, not even when you exit the app. Up to now.

It is no longer necessary to stay in the chat to listen to the audio

Voice Notes Whatsapp

The functionality has officially reached the beta of WhatsApp for iPhone after being included in the code a few months ago. We were able to see the interface advanced at the time thanks to WaBetaInfo. And now we can test it for being targeted at the aforementioned beta: its operation is as expected.

The new global WhatsApp player remains in the application every time you press on it play of any audio and the conversation is changed (In the chat where the note was sent, the upper interface does not appear). The small bar offers the name of the person who sent the audio, includes a play and pause button and a progress bar.

The aforementioned player lacks forward and backward (within WhatsApp, yes in the native iOS player), also of speed selector. WhatsApp will surely include it in future versions, once the novelty lands in the stable version of the application (both on iPhone and Android).

Voice Notes Whatsapp

WhatsApp audio in the native iOS player (locked screen and Control Center)

The great advantage of including a global player is that no need to stay in the chat where voice memos are sent: we can read other conversations, change the app or even turn off the phone screen without losing the thread, that the audio continues to play (similar to what Telegram has offered for years). It even shows up in the native iOS player.

Currently in beta for iPhone

The new player is only available in the beta of WhatsApp for iPhone, a beta that currently does not support more users. However, it shouldn’t take too long to get to the stable version: the player works correctly, saves a lot of time and solves notable discomfort when listening to audio.

Via | WaBetaInfo