Listen to Spotify music in iPod format and from the iPhone: this website makes it possible

listen to spotify music in ipod format and from the.jpg
listen to spotify music in ipod format and from the.jpg

The iPod Classic is still a perfectly functional gem, with controls per wheel that many of us miss on the iPhone. That is why proposals continue to emerge to revive this interface, as has Taner Villarete, developer behind the iPod.js website.

It is a project for play music from Spotify and Apple Music, but with the interface of the iPod Classic. We are going to tell you how it works and the peculiarities of this project

Playing Spotify and Apple Music on the iPod interface


iPod.js is a website very well optimized for the iPhone, although it also works on PC. It has the Spotify and Apple Music APIs integrated, so we can use it with both streaming services. It is an open source project, the code of which you can consult on GitHub.

The player, as we have told you, works both on mobile and PC, although the controls work more naturally on mobile, being a more comfortable vertical format. We can access our library, artist list, and even access the classic Cover Flow view.

At the operational level, the web looks more like an app than a page: gestures, animations and others are highly optimized on mobile

The operation is spectacular, and it is that it is very fluid, with animations faithful to the iPod and without a trace of lag. It is quite a return to the past to enjoy the iPod experience, but from our iPhone.

Being a web page, you can access it for free and, in this case, does not have ads of any kind. You can always add a shortcut to navigate quickly and enjoy your music in iPod format.