Letting the mobile turn off when running out of battery is not good, except in this circumstance

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At the beginning of this post we showed a contradiction by saying that it was bad to let the mobile turn off when it ran out of battery and, immediately afterwards, saying that it was good to do so. Well, without downplaying what was said in the previous section, we must say that it is also important to calibrate the battery of a mobile relatively frequently.

And precisely in the process of calibrating the battery is where letting the mobile phone turn off fully enters. And it is that for a calibration to be successful, an indisputable step is that the mobile turns off having a 0% battery. This is followed by other steps such as letting it rest for a few hours and charging it back to 100%.

It is true that charging cycles are consumed in the calibration process and hence it is not good to calibrate the battery very constantly either. However, sporadically is recommended. We would even say that it is mandatory when some battery problems occursuch as the device showing a battery percentage much higher than 0% and yet turning off.

Therefore, by way of conclusion: if you want to extend the useful life of the mobile as much as possible, it is advisable not to charge it up to 100% and not to let it run out completely and turn off. Similarly, try to perform a battery calibration approximately every three months so that this also serves as an aid to preserve your health.