Leave WhatsApp with this application that responds automatically saying that you are on Telegram

leave whatsapp with this application that responds automatically saying that.jpg
leave whatsapp with this application that responds automatically saying that.jpg

Watomatic is an Android application that allows you to respond to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages autonomously. With this mechanism, and thanks to its simple design, the application is specified in a task: tell others that the user left WhatsApp or Messenger with an automatic reply.

The exodus that WhatsApp is experiencing has a clear reason: the entry into force of the new changes in privacy. The company had to withdraw the notice of entry into force of its policy, then renewed it and even defined how it was going to behave with those who did not accept it. European authorities are already analyzing how to deal with Facebook’s attitude. While the resolution comes, you can announce to all your contacts that you switched to Telegram. Or Signal, Threema … You decide.

Watomatic, an ‘auto responder’ that warns that you abandoned WhatsApp

Watomatic Automatic message from Watomatic when contacting by WhatsApp

The operation of the application is quite similar to other apps that respond automatically with user-defined messages, although Watomatic simplifies the functionalities, interface and permissions to have only one goal: to notify your contacts that you no longer use WhatsApp. Of course, you must keep the messaging app on your phone for Watomatic to work.

The application we are talking about accesses the notifications (mandatory, you must read the WhatsApp notices) replying to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger messages with a reply that you can customize. Say that they contact you using your Telegram account, that you will soon leave WhatsApp or that you use other applications that seem more private to you, whatever comes to mind. Watomatic in

Watomatic responds by default to all messages that come in from the selected applications, although you can set it to be more selective And that way you don’t flood your contacts’ chats with the same response.


The app can work with group messages, just select this setting in the Watomatic settings. And keep a record of the notifications captured: can be seen in the notification area of ​​the phone.


It does not add much to a typical messaging ‘auto responder’, but Watomatic does offer more simplicity and, above all, greater cleanliness: it is a free app, it has no ads, it lacks in-app purchases, does not have permissions beyond access to notifications And, on top of that, Watomatic is open source. On Reddit the developers have a thread where users attach clever responses to leave WhatsApp.

Watomatic - Auto Reply for WhatsApp & Facebook

Watomatic – Auto Reply for WhatsApp & Facebook

  • Developer: Deekshith Allamaneni
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication

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