I’ve been trying apps for months to find parking. I’m still looking for

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ive been trying apps for months to find parking im.webp.webp.webp

I admit that I am not in the ranking of drivers with the most kilometers behind them at the end of the year. Now here near. However, almost daily I go out with my car to locations close to the city, enough to know that Finding a parking space is still one of the great dramas of every driver.. So she wanted to remedy it.

Thus, I resorted to some of the apps that promise to find parking under the premise that it is all sewing and singing. And after several months trying some of them I must say that they are useful, although not as much as I expected. And it is that its usefulness is reduced to certain locations that I do not always go to.

The first thing is obvious, but noteworthy: they do not find “common” parking lots

Street Parking

No street parking, only parking lots (Image: Google Street View)

At the beginning of this experiment, I already started with the clear idea that these applications they were not going to be used in any case to find parking spaces on public roads. It is a negative point, yes, but it is totally understandable.

And it is that in the end it is technically impossible for a system to be able to detect free spaces in a normal street. It could be done and I look forward to the future bringing us such tools, but today it is impossible. However, I have thought it convenient to start with this qualification, since I have been surprised to see how some people around me have believed that the use of these applications was useful for this.

Regarding the apps that I have used are Parkopedia and EasyPark. I experimented with some more from home, but the truth is that these two seemed more attractive due to the interface and they are the ones I have been using in recent months, interspersing their use randomly. Both are available for free in the App Store, although they accept payments precisely for a parking function that I will tell you about later.

Parkopedia Parking

Parkopedia Parking

  • Price: Free
  • Category: Maps and navigation
  • Developer: Parkopedia Ltd
  • Download at: Google play

EasyPark - Parking App

EasyPark – Parking App

  • Price: Free
  • Category: Maps and navigation
  • Developer: EasyPark AS
  • Download at: Google play

Good with public car parks in general, but suspense on busy days

Having made the previous clarification, say that the applications that I have tried They are aimed at finding parking spaces in public car parks (whether they are paid or not). Although there aren’t too many of these in my city, or I don’t go frequently, it has helped me when I’ve gone to other places where there are.

App Parking

In these places, they have resulted very valuable tools in most cases, but not when there was a lot of cars. This is because most of these apps show the availability of spaces through the use of real-time data and the greater the number of people there is, the greater the margin of error they show.

The continuous coming and going of cars means that the data is not entirely accurate and at times of festivities or special events I have noticed that they have not been practical for me. And both for better and for worse, given that on some occasions I have been about to leave the parking lot thinking that there were no free parking spaces and it turns out that there were (and quite a few, too). In the same way, I have come to experience the bitter taste of not finding a place despite the fact that the apps told me that there was.

Similarly, I would like to point out that not all distinguish the areas in which a special permit is required to park. Luckily, I didn’t get in any trouble for doing it because I already knew these places beforehand, but I have come to see that they offered me availability in certain places that were intended for residents of the area.

It is worth noting positively that some of these apps allow you to pay for parking in advance. And all this from the mobile, which adds an extra point of comfort by not having to wait to get out of the car or spend cash to register our vehicle in a machine.

App Find Parking

Another section that I think is very positive, which is common to practically any app of this style and not only to the ones I have used, is to be able to see on a map the places where there is parking. They support zoom and even provide price information if we click on each one.

What has been said: they are useful tools, although not definitive, to avoid the problem of not finding parking.

So my conclusion is that We can help ourselves with these apps on many occasions, but do not trust everything. And less when we sense that the place is going to be crowded (see holidays or events that happen nearby, such as a concert or a football game).

Similarly, I think that the use of these tools makes no sense if you do not live in large populations. And it is that, in small towns where there are no public car parks, it will not be able to help us.

Cover Image | Ivana Cajina on Unsplash