I’ve been testing new YouTube features for years before anyone else: that’s how I do it

ive been testing new youtube features for years before anyone.webp.webp.webp
ive been testing new youtube features for years before anyone.webp.webp.webp

We thought we saw it all on YouTube, but no. The app is constantly evolving and introduces new features relatively frequently. It is worth that many are not great revolutions because the essence of the platform is maintained, but some features are introduced that are less interesting. And I, like many others, can try them before.

In fact, you too can receive these features in advance. And it is that you do not have to be someone extremely important for YouTube to notice you, since anyone who has YouTube Premium can access these features.

These are the experimental functions of YouTube for the ‘premium’

A few years ago, YouTube’s experimental features were open to everyone. However, it is now an essential requirement to be a YouTube Premium subscriber. We remember that this is the payment method of the platform that, in addition to allowing you to download videos, consume them in the background and other advantages.

Test Youtube Functions

But be careful, it is not enough to be a ‘premium’ subscriber to be able to test functions with which YouTube tests, but we must also aim to receive this type of functionalities. To do this, you must open the YouTube app on your mobile, click on your photo and go to ‘Your Premium benefits’. Here you must enter ‘Try new functions’ and Go pointing one by one to each experimental test.

These functions usually have functionalities that will end up coming officially to the app, either as a novelty for ‘premium’ subscribers or for everyone. And as its “experimental” name already indicates, they don’t always end up arriving. On occasion, functions can take years to implement or that directly do not pass the YouTube scale and end up in the trash. Similarly, not everything new coming to YouTube has passed as an experimental feature before.

A recent example of experimental function We have it in the possibility of zooming in on the videos as if it were a photograph. Months later, this function ended up reaching all users, including those who do not pay a subscription.

We must also say that there are not always experimental functions to test, so it is convenient to take a walk through the aforementioned section of the YouTube app and see if there is any news. In some cases there is a deadline to sign up, so we must be quick so as not to be left out.

The YouTube beta on Google Play also anticipates news

Youtube Beta

Since 2018, YouTube has a beta version on Google Play. In this are included novelties that are close to being launched in a stable way, although there is also the possibility that they will eventually be discarded. Another important note is that the experimental functions that we talked about earlier do not appear here until they are close to arriving.

For sign up for the youtube beta You must access this link with which you can become a beta tester. Once you accept it, in a few minutes you will receive an update of the app on Google Play, which will now be the beta version. With that, you will always be in beta and you will receive updates from Google Play as if it were just another app (it really is what it is).

If you wish exit this beta program you just have to uninstall the application and reinstall YouTube from Google Play. This is fundamental if we take into account that betas can be unstable and make your YouTube experience worse. Then, if you want to return to the beta again, you must follow the process mentioned above, since at the moment there is no limit to sign up and delete, so you can change depending on what interests you.

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