It is not your phone, the Amazon Appstore does not work well on Android 12 due to an unknown error

it is not your phone the amazon appstore does not.jpg
it is not your phone the amazon appstore does not.jpg
One of the best things we find in Android is the possibility of installing alternative stores so as not to go through the Google Play Store if we do not want to, and one of the most popular is that of Amazon. The Amazon Appstore arrives installed on the brand’s Kindle Fire devices but it can also be installed on our own on any Android, although at the moment is giving a very specific error.

According to different media and we have been able to verify in person, the Amazon Appstore is giving access problems if our mobile phone or tablet has Android 12 running through its veins. In our case we have done the test with a Google Pixel 5 and yes, indeed, the store does not want us to pass the door.

Authentication failure and possible DRM interference

The Amazon Appstore has been on Android for a long time but had a certain “media resurgence” when it was announced that it would be integrated into Windows 11 to allow Android apps to run on Microsoft’s operating system. Since then, Amazon has not stopped working to allow this arrival as soon as possible but now they have a problem, already recognized by them, with the latest version of Android for mobiles and tablets.

As we say, Amazon itself has already recognized through its troubleshooting page that there is an error that prevents authenticating to the store from Android 12. “We are also excited about Android 12. Unfortunately, we are solving some problems. Thank you for your patience while we get your Appstore back.”

Although it is not indicated what exactly happens so that we are not allowed access to the Amazon Appstore from Android 12, everything indicates that it is an interference with the DRM that Amazon applies to both free applications and paid applications. Some users report that access is not possible but others do indicate that their app libraries appear empty. We will be attentive to report in case Amazon fixes both errors.