It is not a bug, but an inexplicable novelty: Waze eliminates almost all voice commands for Android Auto

it is not a bug but an inexplicable novelty waze.webp.webp.webp
it is not a bug but an inexplicable novelty waze.webp.webp.webp

For a few days now, the great Google Waze navigation alternative has already been completely adapted to Android Auto Coolwalk, so all its strengths that it already had are added to the possibility of seeing its indications both in full screen and in tiles. . With this implementation, for the server Waze was once again in the top 1 of the best browsers for Android Auto, but with each update in general, it is common for the odd bug to appear. Or directly, an inexplicable novelty in the form of absence: Waze no longer supports most voice commands for Android Auto.

One of the best safety decisions you can make with Android Auto when behind the wheel is bet on voice commands: Let you do things like change songs, call someone, or set a route without taking your eyes off the road or your hands on the wheel. And as a sample, almost fifty voice commands that you can use with Google Assistant and Android Auto.

Until a few days ago, like Google Maps and other services, Waze supported Google Assistant voice commands for something as useful as asking him to tell us how we can go to Seville or to tell you the nearest gas station, as you can see, two basic and most useful orders. Precisely for this reason, it was surprising that voice commands to specific sites have given problems in recent days, which, as reported by 9to5Google, led to the belief that it was a bug.

Bye See you later to voice commands with Waze in Android Auto

Nothing is further from reality: it is something intentional. After some users contacted Waze customer service to report problems with voice commands, Waze explained the following:

After reading your report, what you describe is how Google Assistant with Waze in Android Auto is currently intended to work.

The only voice commands currently available in Waze on Android Auto are “drive home” and “drive to work“. Our development team is working on implementing the full functionality of Google Assistant.

Which leaves us with good and bad news. The downside is that at this time we will only be able to use voice commands to go to pre-established home and work addresses, but that foreseeably soon we will be able to use the voice commands of the Google assistant in full again. Of course, there is no return date.

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