iOS 16 ends the worst of the eSIM and anticipates the future iPhone without physical cards

ios 16 ends the worst of the esim and anticipates the future iphone without physical cards
ios 16 ends the worst of the esim and anticipates the future iphone without physical cards

The first beta of iOS 16 continues to show the improvements that will come to the iPhone in September, presumably the month in which the company with the bitten apple will launch this software version. For this reason, we continue to find news that, in addition, could refer to some of the news that is already rumored for the iPhone 14 .

The latest novelty of this iOS 16 has been discovered by a MacRumors reader , anticipating the possibility of transferring data from an eSIM from one iPhone to another via Bluetooth. This is an unprecedented functionality to date and, in the absence of being able to test its full functionality, it is clearly referenced in the new iOS software.

Apple wants to make the change of mobile with eSIM less dramatic

Esim Ios 16

Bluetooth eSIM setup with iOS 16. Image from MacRumors

There are several drawbacks that we find today when moving from one iPhone to another when you have an eSIM. That this operation has a cost is one of them, although in the end what ends up being the most tedious is the loss of data from said eSIM . Also the need for a QR provided by the operator is a stumbling block compared to physical SIMs. However, with iOS 16 you want to tackle these problems.

In MacRumors they reveal that iOS 16 continues to allow you to configure an eSIM on the iPhone by scanning a QR code, but now they have also added an option that appears when configuring these cards and that is literally called “Transfer from another iPhone” . In the instructions for this, the system warns that both iPhones will connect via Bluetooth , so they must be kept with this function active, within a short distance and unlocked.

Little more has been found out about this functionality, given that it also depends largely on the operators and that, after all, it is a beta version. We will have to see how this function evolves for future versions and the final launch, but at first it reminds us of a leak on future iPhones that perfectly matches this function.

A preview of the future iPhone 14 without a physical SIM?

iphone no sim

As we already anticipated, several months ago a rumor emerged saying that the iPhone 14 will not have a physical SIM tray , leaving everything in the hands of the eSIM. And although some time later this information was qualified by stating that it could be optional , the idea of ​​​​seeing an iPhone without a physical SIM card makes sense in light of the commented novelty of iOS 16.

And it may sound strange to imagine such a move. Impossible even. However, we had a similar feeling years ago when it was rumored that there would be an iPhone without a 3.5mm jack connector, something that finally became a reality with the presentation of the iPhone 7 . However, it may make sense for technological evolution . And a lot.

Having a mobile without space for the SIM card would require improvements on the part of the operators, but it would also gain vital space for the device’s hardware.

After all, many of us wonder what is the point of a “piece of cardboard” in such advanced smartphones. And this applies to Apple and any other Android manufacturer. It is true that this is a somewhat misleading reading, but it is still true that if operators get serious about eSIMs, we could advance to a future in which no mobile phone needs such a physical element. And incidentally, space would be gained inside the mobile so that it can house, for example, a larger battery.

Only time will tell if Apple finally decides to get rid of physical SIM cards. That it is in the iPhone 14 partially or totally is a possibility, but something tells us that if it is not now, it will not be long before Apple or another manufacturer takes the final step . And as always happens with changes of this caliber, once the ban is open, the rest of the brands will fall with the domino effect.

Via | TheVerge