Instagram will protect you against nudity in chat (if you want)

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soon you will be able to make the application protect you from this type of content.We found out from the hand of the prolific leaker Alessandro Paluzzi that Instagram is preparing a protection against nudes, which will censor the photos that the mobile detects as possible nudity. You can always choose to watch them anyway.

Instagram will hide the nudes from us

Instagram is preparing a protection that will prevent you from seeing unwanted nudity in its chat, as we can see in a screenshot that informs about the function, which not yet active for users. Nonetheless, the screenshot makes it pretty clear how the whole thing will work.

To begin with, we will be facing an optional protection, so it is you who must choose if you want to activate the protection against nudity or not. The app will the detection of this type of content on the mobile itself, without being sent to the Instagram servers for analysis. In case there is a possibility that it is a nude, the photo will not be visible at first.

#Instagram is working on nudity protection for chats 👀

ℹ️ Technology on your device covers photos that may contain nudity in chats. Instagram CAN’T access photos.

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) September 19, 2022

Instagram will hide photos that have possible nudity from you, but always you can choose to show them anyway probably after you play in the blurry preview, maybe with some kind of blurring or warning.

For now we do not know if this protection can be activated for all chats or separately for each chat, but it is indicated that it will be possible easily turn it on or off from settings. Of course, we still do not know when this protection will be available, since Instagram has not yet officially announced it.