Instagram will notify you if it has fallen and if you are about to be banned from its application

instagram will notify you if it has fallen and if.jpg
instagram will notify you if it has fallen and if.jpg

We were able to see firsthand the effects of an Instagram crash recently: several users doubted if the problem was with Instagram or with your internet or mobile connection. It will be a little easier to know in the future, as the application will tell you if it is having technical problems.

Facebook has announced two news that will soon arrive on Instagram. The first is the notifications about technical problems. The second is a section called Account status, where you can see information related to publications that do not comply with the rules of Instagram.

Instagram tells you if it has fallen


Instagram is testing new notifications that will tell you if the app is experiencing a technical problem, though not always. As they comment on their blog, not all technical problems that occur on Instagram will be reported, but only in those cases in which they detect that users are confused looking for answers.

The notice will appear as a notification above all, and by tapping on it you will get more information about the problem, in addition to also receiving a notice when the application works again. At the moment it is an experiment that will begin in the next few months in the United States, although it could be extended globally if the test is successful.

Status of your account


The second novelty announced for Instagram is the status of your account, a centralized place where you can check both the status of the complaints that you have made of content from other accounts as well as those that apply to the content you have shared.

In this section you will see if your account is in danger of being deactivated by breaching the rules of Instagram, and may also make appeals, in those cases in which you do not agree with the decision made by Instagram. In this case it is not yet clear when it will be active for users.