Instagram wants to keep children away from its app by asking them for a selfie video: this is its new age verification system

instagram wants to keep children away from its app by.jpg
instagram wants to keep children away from its app by.jpg

It is true that we find more and more applications and games for children with which the little ones can enjoy content on our smartphone. However, it is still a thorny issue when we start talking about giving them access to social networks like Instagram.

The application developed by Meta has been making an effort for several years now not only to prevent cyberbullying on the social network, but also to implement measures that keep the little ones away from its application. Precisely today they have announced the beginning of tests of a verification system that is curious to say the least.

The three methods of Instagram to ‘scare away’ those under 13

With the purpose of “offer age-appropriate experiences”, Instagram has announced that it is collaborating with Yoti, a company known for specializing in age verification systems. For this, some tests have already begun in the United States that, if satisfactory, could be extended to the rest of the territories.

Basically, when a user registers or tries to change their date of birth in the application to one that is less than 18 years old, it will give them three options to verify your age: upload a file that identifies them (for example, the identity card), ask other friends to verify their age or record a selfie video with which they can make sure they are the age they say they are.

The minimum age to be able to register on Instagram is 13 years old, although it can change depending on the regulations and laws of the country. In Spain, it is like that.

The first of the options, the one that requires uploading a document proving age, does not seem surprising and is even common in many systems. However, the other two are new. The so-called “Social Vouching” because it will require at least three mutual followers verify agefor which they will be sent a notice that they will receive in the app itself and they will have three days to respond.

The third option, and the one that has caught our attention the most, is to send a video selfie. This is the section in which Instagram claims to be collaborating with Yoti. It will not be a natural person who will carry out the inspection of the video, but it will be a artificial intelligence system which, based on facial features, can determine whether or not the age is correct.

Considering that this feature is geared towards minors, it is more important than ever the matter of privacy. According to Instagram in its statement, they will share that video with Yoti and, once it is verified, it will be removed from both servers so that no one can access it.

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