Instagram wants to be TikTok also in its normal publications: the latest test that radically changes the interface

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1657523091 1366 2000.webp.webp

Full screen view of photos on Instagram

Meta in general and Instagram in particular tend to try changes at all times. The last change is one of the most radical because it changes a section of the application that until now had remained more or less the same: normal poststhose that appear in the home tab when you open the application.

Instagram’s latest change brings us a scrolling from TikTok to Instagram, by which when sliding we automatically go to the next post, instead of the normal and current scroll of a lifetime. At the same time, the posts are shown “full screen” when they are interleaved reels In the view.

The change can be somewhat disconcerting because suddenly Instagram adopt dark theme on main tab, even though you have it set to use the light theme. Thus, if you use the light theme you will have the home tab and the Reels tab with a dark background, while the others will keep the light theme.

This radical change supposes some other change in the way of interacting with the publications. For example, comments open in an overlay panel. In general, the design is much more minimalist because in most cases you only see the publication and the name of the account. With a double tap you can still indicate that you like something and see the bottom bar with the number of comments and additional options.


Usually, this interface is quite green and it is that there are things that do not seem to work correctly. For example, posts that have a long description cannot be fully read, and the scroll button doesn’t work either. See translation. Moreover, sometimes the information of the post itself does not even appear.

As with all tests, it is impossible to know if it will go ahead or stay by the wayside. Instagram takes its time testing changes like this, so it may still be a few months before the verdict is reached. If you are part of the test, there is no setting to revert to the previous interface.