Instagram tests text statuses, like in MSN Messenger

instagram tests text statuses like in msn messenger.jpg
instagram tests text statuses like in msn messenger.jpg

Without prior notice, Instagram has activated for some users the function of text states, to indicate what you are doing at the moment or whatever else you want. It is similar to the WhatsApp info or, going back further, to the states of MSN Messenger and similar applications.

These states allow you to use an emoji and a text of up to 32 characters to specify to your followers what you are doing at the moment or what you feel like. Only reciprocal friends (who follow you and you follow too) can see the statuses you have posted.

Away, do not disturb, busy …


Statuses can be created both from your profile and from messages

Classic messaging apps generally allowed you indicate if you were available, absent or busy. Over time these states evolved so that you could put anything there – even the music you were listening to – although the function went somewhat unnoticed when messaging made the leap to mobile.

Instagram retakes the statuses, at least for some users in test mode. Accounts that have active statuses can establish a new status both from your account profile like the first time the messages section is opened. A button is displayed in the profile + Define status.


Instagram gives you four input: work, celebration, busy and happy, but you can create the state you want by combining any emoji and text up to 32 characters. What you write in your status will be visible to the followers you follow, both on your profile and in Instagram messages.

Your followers can not only see your statuses, but also respond to them. These responses are sent as messages, although trying to give us an error, so it may not be quite ready yet.


It does not appear that the Instagram statuses are assets for everyone still, so we will have to wait a few weeks to see if the test is successful and ends up spreading. A similar function has also been available in the Facebook application for a few months now, and also on a trial basis.