Instagram stretches stories to 60 seconds – long videos will no longer cut into 15-second chunks

instagram stretches stories to 60 seconds long videos will.png
instagram stretches stories to 60 seconds long videos will.png
Snapchat brings out something that they copy on Instagram, then Instagram goes ahead and it is Snapchat that is fixed, and when it is not the two of them, it is TikTok, the social network of reference for the youngest at the moment. Be that as it may, trends do not take long to spread among all networks and now it seems that Instagram aims to allow much longer stories than the current ones.

Some time ago TikTok began allowing videos of up to 3 minutes, thus increasing the time by 300% and adding a slider at the bottom to be able to advance and retard them at will. Now it is Instagram that multiplies its times by 4, although its starting point was much lower. Instagram stories already support videos up to 1 minute long.

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60-second uncut stories on Instagram

Instagram stories are now 60 seconds long

Until now, creating a video longer than 15 seconds on Instagram, or uploading a previously recorded video to the platform, meant that it was conveniently chopped into pieces to fit within the quarter-minute limit. Instagram has decided now multiply by 4 that limit and allow videos up to 1 minute long.

This lengthened video length, and more, was already allowed in Reels but now Instagram extends it from ephemeral stories so now we will have videos of 60 seconds without cuts of those most prolific users when uploading content. The announcement that one-minute videos are now accepted in stories is already reaching users around the world, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy them.

The change joins the latest that the Facebook platform has introduced, such as the new links for the stories that were presented a few days ago. In the meantime, we are waiting for the expected end-to-end encryption to arrive for private messaging, which looks like it will have to wait until 2023.