Instagram adds the sticker “Now you”, so that other users respond to a topic in their stories

instagram adds the sticker now you so that other users.jpg
instagram adds the sticker now you so that other users.jpg

Instagram continues to add more features to its stories in the form of stickers: after the sticker of the links that reached everyone last week, the application launches Now you, a way to start topics among your followers.

Now you come as a new way of launch related topics, challenges, and posts in Instagram stories, in which a person adds the sticker with a description and whoever wants to can respond, in their own stories, keeping the same theme.

Threads in Instagram stories

Instagram continues its turn to social with a new interactive sticker: Add Yours in english and Now you, in Spanish. This sticker started its trials on a limited basis in Indonesia and Japan a month ago and is now rolling out worldwide.

As a sticker, now you simply show a text box where you can write whatever you want, which will be the inspiration for other people to respond. If you can’t think of anything, the dice button suggests ideas like “pet crazy”, “visualizations”, “monday vibes”, “photos you’ve taken recently”, “current status”, or “memories”.


After placing the sticker on your post, viewers will be able to tap on it to answer in their own stories. The same sticker will then also be included, with a preview of the profile photos of all the accounts that have responded up to that moment and keeping the original text.

When you touch this sticker, a panel is displayed where you can see who started the topic and all the answers until that moment. In addition, there is another “Now you” button, so you can join in adding your little grain of sand to the topic of conversation.

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