Income 2020: how to consult the draft and file the return on an Android mobile

income 2020 how to consult the draft and file the.jpg
income 2020 how to consult the draft and file the.jpg

The deadline for filing the 2020 Income Statement begins today, a process that you can carry out both from the Tax Agency website and with its official application for Android.

The AEAT application allows you consult and confirm the draft of the 2020 Income in just a few minutes and without effort. While it is not possible to do everything the same as on the web, when the draft is correct it is the fastest and easiest way to file the return.

First, the application

First of all, you are going to need the official application of the Tax Agency, which is the same that is used every year (do not fall, therefore, in false applications). It is a generic application that is used for other procedures in addition to the Income Declaration. Every year it is updated with the new exercise and some additional news.

On Android, you will find the official application of the Tax Agency on Google Play. The minimum requirements are quite affordable: it requires an Android mobile that has Android version 6.0 or higher.

Tax agency

Tax agency

  • Developer: State Tax Administration Agency
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity

Log in

This year there are changes in the official application of the Tax Agency: the only way to identify yourself is with Cl @ ve PIN, so that you will not be able to use an electronic certificate or a reference number. If you do not have a Cl @ ve PIN, you cannot file the return with the app of the Tax Agency. Instead, you can use the web version.

If you have Cl @ ve PIN handy and functional, open the Tax Agency application and tap on Rent 2020. The first thing that will appear is a window to log in, where you are asked to enter your DNI and its expiration date.


If the DNI and its date are correct, you will go to the next phase where you must enter your DNI and the PIN that the Cl @ ve PIN app will provide you. Generally, you should see a pop-up superimposed on the mobile with said PIN, although if it does not appear for any reason, you can touch on Open the Cl @ ve PIN app to force it to show you the PIN.

Check your statement

What happens next will depend on the personal circumstances of your statement. In the best of cases, if everything goes well, you will see directly the menu with the different options available, among which is the process and present the draft.

However, you may also need to modify or ratify any data, such as your address. Some modifications can be made directly in the application, while others will prevent you from continuing until you make the changes through the full version, on the web.


When you finish correcting the data -or, if there is no data pending correction- you can tap on Draft / declaration processing, to go to the next step to see the result of your draft and, if you are satisfied with the result, present it to the Tax Agency.

File your declaration

You will see then a summary of your statement, where the result of the same is shown, if it is to be paid or returned, as well as your name, autonomous community and details of the payment and the contributions that you want to mark. If you want to modify the declaration, press Modify declaration (Web), which will open the web version of the AEAT virtual office. You can also see the complete draft in PDF format by clicking Pre view

Statement submitted

If everything is correct, press Submit statement. You must confirm your intention and immediately afterwards the draft of the income statement will be confirmed. You will then receive a Verification code and tapping on Declaration filed A PDF file with your declaration will open, which you can save on your mobile, print or share with other applications.