Important WhatsApp news on the way: hide the phone number in groups

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A little bit of privacy on WhatsApp

If you can chat with someone on WhatsApp, you can see their phone number and likewise that person can see your phone number. This is the way WhatsApp has worked since its inception, but it could change in the future, at least in certain circumstances.

From the hand of WaBetaInfo we have some information about a new setting for WhatsApp communities, a function that the company officially announced to us in April, but that has not yet reached users. In a way, a community becomes something like a group with more groups inside, which means that you could potentially end up with hundreds of users with something in common (for example, neighbors of a community) and it does not seem too correct that the numbers of all participants are visible to everyone.

This is where a new setting called Share phone numbers, available to community administrators. With this setting we can adjust if the phone numbers of the participants of the groups of a community are shared with the rest of the participants or not. Until now, it is like that in WhatsApp groups.


The good news is that it seems to be disabled from the factory, so if there are no changes users’ phone numbers will not be shared with the rest of the people in a community, unless the administrators configure it so. It is quite an interesting novelty and we sincerely hope that it will also be extended to normal groups or even to any chat.

As always, we will have to wait to test this function, as it is not yet active for users. Taking into account that the community function has not yet been activated for users, it could be that both news arrive at the same time. For now, be patient.

Via | WaBetaInfo