If you’re tired of short ‘TikTok’ videos, get ready to see them even in the Amazon app

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that leader is TikTok, on many levels.

So much so that this format of short videos that can be seen in a loop is running like wildfire, and now it seems that it will reach Amazon. But no, not to the Prime Video app but to the shopping app. Because as the Wall Street Journal tells us, the e-commerce giant already has tests a short video feed for your main app.

Short videos to advertise products

We do not expect to see users dancing, cooking, training in the gym or walking dogs. At least not if those videos do not serve a promotional purpose, since the videos that Amazon tests in its mobile app are aimed, of course, at promoting the sale of its products. Everything indicates that it will be promotional videos as advertisementsor even testing the aforementioned products for sale to be able to see them “live”.

Amazon has reached ‘Inspire’ to its new function in tests and for now it seems that it is confined to a button at the bottom of the app with a diamond icon. We are talking about a section in tests, in beta phase, so we don’t know when or if it will roll out to the general public. Amazon will evaluate your performance and what conversion rate it produces before making a decision in this regard.

It looks like, videos will be copied seamless playback As also happens in both Tiktok and other “clones” and Instagram reels or YouTube shorts. You can also make photographic transitions, give the ‘Like’, share these videos with other users and others. A kind of public bulletin board to promote products that can make the app more dynamic.

Via | WSJ