If you have an Android phone and you charge it overnight, this trick will help you take care of the battery

if you have an android phone and you charge it.webp.webp.webp
if you have an android phone and you charge it.webp.webp.webp

Leaving home every morning with the phone charged is essential in my day to day and I know that I am not alone in this. That’s why so many of us charge it overnight, something that although it used to be harmful to the phone, now it’s no longer thanks to adaptive charging. The key is that if you have a 100% battery and it is still plugged in and charging, its degradation increases. However, adaptive loading does not always kick in: with This trick that uses adaptive charging and the clock will stretch the useful life of your phone’s battery.

What is adaptive charging? A function that was born exclusively for the Pixels but is already widespread in the rest of the phones from Android 12 (although the same with another name) and that intelligently and personalizedly doses the phone’s charge to avoid at all costs that your device remain continuously at 100% charge (when it completes the charge and is still plugged in), something that accelerates its degradation.

How adaptive charging works is as follows: adaptive charging is coordinated with the time at which we have the alarm set to optimize energy delivery. Thus, the phone is charged until it is 80% complete, an optimal charge figure for its conservation, and reserves the last push of energy for just before the alarm clock goes off. The goal is to reach 100% right when we wake up and unplug it.

Once its operation is clarified, the question arises: if the adaptive charge is coordinated with the alarm clock, what happens when you don’t set the alarm? For example, on weekends. With this trick you can benefit from adaptive charging without the alarm clock going off interrupting your peaceful sleep on Saturdays and Sundays (obviously).

How to charge your phone with adaptive charging and a silent alarm

You probably already know how to set an alarm on your phone, but it doesn’t hurt to remember: enter the clock application and tap on ‘+’. Now choose a time when you think the phone should stop charging. Then give it a name and accept to finish the process.


In our case, we have chosen 11 in the morning, we have named it ‘End of charge’, we have activated it and chosen the days on which it will go into action.

Now we have the alarm set, the problem is that we don’t want it to wake us up. So it’s time to make it silent. Tap the music note icon under ‘set alarm‘ and in ‘alarm sound‘, choose silence and go back to confirm. Also, disable vibration.


To make the alarm stop sounding after one minute, tap on the three dots in the right corner and on ‘settings‘ > ‘mute after‘, pick a minute.


Now go back to ‘settings‘ and enter the following path: ‘Applications‘ > ‘Clock‘ > ‘notifications‘ and there uncheck ‘missed alarms‘ and ‘Snooze alarms‘. Thus, you will only see the alarm during the first minute and silently, but there will be no trace of subsequent notifications indicating that you have missed the alarm.

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