If you don’t pay, you don’t vote: the news from Twitter that’s on the way

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if you dont pay you dont vote the news from.webp.webp.webp

Elon Musk bought Twitter at the end of October last year and the changes were not long in coming, especially related to account verification and the Twitter Blue subscription, whose advantages have been adjusted. One of them that is yet to come it will be to be able to vote in certain polls.

The idea came at the end of the month, in the famous poll where Elon Musk asked if he should resign (and that 57% of voters said yes). After the survey, one user suggested that only the votes of those who pay for Twitter should be taken into account. Now we know from the hand of Alessandro Paluzzi that, indeed, this change is on the way.

Surveys for verified accounts

There was no shortage of reactions to the Elon Musk survey. A user suggested that these types of polls on Twitter politics should be exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers, those who pay for the application. Elon Musk replied what a good idea, “Twitter will make this change.”

Good point. Twitter will make that change.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 19, 2022

No sooner said than done. Or rather, said and get to work, because now we know from the hand of the prolific leaker @Alex193 that the social network has almost ready the option to restrict surveys to verified profiles.

As we can see in the screenshot that you have shared, when creating a survey we can choose who can vote in it: everyone (as always), or only those who are verified.


The function it’s not ready yet, although from what we can see in the screenshot, it seems to be quite advanced, so it would not be surprising if it is announced any of these days. It will be optional, so it is up to each person who publishes a survey if they want to restrict it to verified accounts or not.