If you are a Movistar or O2 customer, you can now activate the IPv6 protocol on your Android mobile

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if you are a movistar or o2 customer you can.webp.webp.webp

For many years now some giants such as Google, Microsoft or Facebook already offer native content on IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), the protocol that replaces IPv4. However, it is now when the Spanish operators have put the batteries to deploy it.

The first to do so was Movistar, which has been deploying IPv6 in its mobile network since January thanks to Dual Stack functionality. O2 has now followed in his footsteps. If you are a customer of one of these two operators, we will explain how to check if you already have it activated.

Are you from Movistar or O2? Enjoy IPv6

The Dual Stack functionality allows Movistar provide IPv6 addresses to those users of mobile lines that have configured the APN “telefonica.es” in a device compatible with IPv6/IPv4.

O2 Mobile

Image | Movistar

And what advantages does Internet Protocol version 6 have? Among others, it facilitates faster access to native content and increases the security thanks to support for authentication and end-to-end encryption. It also improves network management and will allow more IP addresses to be available to connect more devices and services to the Internet.

The IPv6 protocol promises greater security, better quality of service and more efficiency in the use of the network

After testing this functionality for a few months, Movistar announced in January that it had started to officially deploy IPv6 in its mobile network. Now, it has been O2 that has confirmed that it will also be progressively deployed.

If you are a Movistar and O2 customer, you do not have to contract it or request its activation, your operator will activate it automatically progressively. And the good news is that all android terminals support this new protocol.

How to check if you have IPv6 enabled

To check if you already have it activated on your mobileJust follow these steps, although they may vary slightly depending on the customization layer that your phone has:

  • Enter the ‘Settings’ of your mobile.
  • Click on the section ‘Network and Internet’ and, within ‘Mobile Network’touch ‘Access Point Name’.
  • Check that it appears APN Movistar ‘telefónica.es’. If not, tap on APN and add it.
O2 Ipv6 02

All Android terminals sold by Movistar since the second quarter of 2021 have the telefonica.es APN preconfigured as Dual Stack. If it is not your case, you will have to configure it yourself. To do this, do the following:

  • Touch the APN to be able Edit access point.
  • press ‘APN protocol’ and change to ‘IPv4/IPv6’.
Ipv6 O2 protocol

As we mentioned at the beginning, the deployment will be progressive, so it is possible that you still do not have it active. In any case, you can always check it, with a test like https://ipv6-test.com/ or https://ipv6test.google.com/. Or through the a page showing the IP with which it is accessed, such as www.cualesmiip.com or www.whatismyip.com.

Cover Image | Gerd Altman