If the gestures do not convince you, move your mobile to control it: this is how Micro Gesture works

if the gestures do not convince you move your mobile.webp.webp.webp
if the gestures do not convince you move your mobile.webp.webp.webp

Gestures have become the main input method to handle our Android phones. Although there are still some stragglers who do not want to use them. These gestures replaced the old navigation bar and its buttons, which hide some secrets.

Well, this application provides an extra method to your mobile, it is Micro Gesture. This application will allow you navigate your mobile by making some movements with it.

Micro Gesture, make gestures with your mobile in hand

Micro Gesture is a simple application that proposes us to use movement to perform different actionsthat is, we will move our terminal to go back, to display the recent applications screen and even to lower the notification curtain.

When we install and open Micro Gesture for the first time, the same application will ask us for some permissions that we must accept to take control of your Android. Do not panic, It is a safe application that you can download from the official application store. We have tried it and it has convinced us.

First of all, it is necessary to highlight that the application shows a clean interface: We have a main screen that contains all the options and functions, everything that allows you to do. With no more secrets or hidden menus, this app shines for its high level of customization. By default, Micro Gesture uses three movements: there are three rotations that, using the gyroscope of our mobile, perform different navigation actions.

Next we leave you with some demonstrations for you to see how Micro Gesture works:

  • Gesture to go back (or close app):
Back Back Micro Gesture

  • Recent apps gesture:
Recent Apps

  • Gesture to display notifications and quick access:

As we said, the main screen contains everything that the application offers. We can change the three default gestures or add a new one at will. The customization is level, because we can even associate a movement to run an application. If you want to open WhatsApp turning around rotating your mobile to the right, you can.

Other possible adjustments point to modify the vibration level when we perform the gesture, or to deactivate them when we change the mobile to landscape mode. Micro Gesture offers other advanced features such as automating certain actions such as making a press.

In addition, it allows us to add custom movements within each application, an example: in WhatsApp we do not want to go to the recent applications screen or to notifications, because only within it we will deactivate the relevant gestures. As we can see, the customization is very deep and allows the user to adapt the operation to his liking.

Micro Gesture is free, but what it hides for free is a 30 day trial mode. After passing that trial month, we must pay 10.99 euros to continue using this application. It’s not bad at all, since the app is very well designed and fulfills its purpose, we would say that it exceeds expectations thanks in part to its high level of customization.

  • Download Micro Gesture from the Google Play Store.