I have tried several Android apps with ChatGPT: the best way to access the AI ​​from mobile is still this

i have tried several android apps with chatgpt the best.webp.webp.webp
i have tried several android apps with chatgpt the best.webp.webp.webp

There are so many utilities that ChatGPT can bring us that I made the decision to incorporate it into my day to day by using apps that promise to bring this integrated AI. The reality is that the experiment went wrong for me.

So much so that I refused to use these tools and resumed using ChatGPT from the browser, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Although I must say that I found an intermediate solution so that the use of AI from my Android mobile is, at least, faster in its access.

Poorly optimized apps and a lot of ‘fake’

Just search for “ChatGPT” on Google Play to find an interesting list of apps that promise to bring OpenAI artificial intelligence to our smartphone. In fact many are free, which in itself makes me suspicious. In this case, the suspicions were not founded.

The first class of apps I came across were ones that they did not bring ChatGPT or approach it. They were simply based on artificial intelligence capable of generating very poor texts, meaningless on many occasions and without correlation to my questions in practically all cases.

Another category of apps, broader than the previous one, were those that despite integrating artificial intelligence from ChatGPT, they were poorly optimized. Either with apps that malfunctioned when interacting with the screen or failing to establish communication with the OpenAI system.

And yes, there are times when ChatGPT does not allow access, not even via the web. And although there are tricks to access when it is not available, the truth is that it did not work in the apps. So, In most cases, I ended up uninstalling the apps and going back to the web in order to make use of the AI.

The quick way to access ChatGPT via the web

Chatgpt Start Screen

In view of how badly the applications work, and as already mentioned in the previous paragraph, using ChatGPT via web is still the best option. However, it is tedious to have to enter the browser every time. Even if we have a marker with which to access quickly.

There is a way to access that is well known. I didn’t have to reinvent anything or overthink: create a shortcut on the home screen it was the most comfortable. And the process was very routine: I opened the browser, entered the ChatGPT website, opened the browser options and chose ‘Add to home screen’. And ready.

Then it was a matter of place the shortcut between my apps as if it were one more. And yes, I know that it is not ideal and that in the end an app is usually more comfortable. However, given how poorly apps “with ChatGPT” work today, this is still the best.

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