I accidentally deleted an app or game – here’s how to get them all back (even after a factory reset)

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i accidentally deleted an app or game heres how.webp.webp.webp

Have you discovered that one of your essential apps is missing and you don’t know how it disappeared from your Android phone? Losing apps is more common than you can imagine, sometimes due to human error and other times due to maintenance operations and different failures, but don’t worry because there is a solution: we’ll tell you Why are apps disappearing from your phone and how can you fix it?.

An app can be deleted and disappear from your phone for various reasons: accidentally deleting it (in my case, this is the most common reason), malware, doing a factory reset, a mishap when transferring files between devices, among others.

To recover your applications, the first thing you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and, in the upper right corner, tap on the circle of your profile. Look in the menu for the option ‘Manage apps and device‘. Once inside, click on ‘Manage‘.


This page is most interesting, since it shows you if updates are available, which apps you have installed and which you don’t, although this last point is not seen with the naked eye. In fact it is necessary that you touch on ‘installed‘ to make them appear. Now you will be able to see those applications that you have ever installed, including those that you have deleted.

Now you just have to scroll down carefully reading which ones you want to recover and tap on each of them to open its page in the Google Play Store and reinstall.


What if I want to install several applications at the same time? Easy and fast: mark the tick of their respective squares and now tap on the down arrow in the upper area. So you can recover them all.

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