Huawei updates Petal Maps in version 2.0 with offline map downloads, navigation improvements and more on-screen info

huawei updates petal maps in version 20 with offline map.jpeg
huawei updates petal maps in version 20 with offline map.jpeg

It was at the end of 2020 when Huawei presented Petal Maps, the alternative to compete with Google Maps from the hand of the Chinese giant that now reaches version 2.0. In order to serve as an alternative to Google maps, Petal Maps is now updated with new features.

Petal Maps 2.0 is the evolution of a base that, although it promised interesting things, lacked aspects that placed it behind the competition. Now Huawei has wanted to correct some of these deficiencies and for example has added the download maps or more information on screen while browsing.

Now with offline map download


Huawei has presented version 2.0 of Petal Maps with the aim of getting a little closer to Google Maps, the great dominator in the market. And to try it has added improvements such as download maps, lane navigation enhancements or enriched nearby services.

Perhaps the most attractive and useful improvement is the map download, especially to be thankful when we know that during our trip we will not have a data connection and in this way we can anticipate the problem.

In addition Huawei lane navigation has improved, something very useful especially when using Petal Maps as a GPS navigator in the car. At this time the reaction time is basic and Huawei has optimized the function that tells us when we have to change or move from one lane to another.

In addition, in this new version Petal Maps goes to offer more results on screen in relation to nearby services. The objective is that the user experience is more complete and it is not necessary to leave the maps to access more information.

Petal Maps version 2.0 can be downloaded from the App Gallery and from Google Play Store.

We have contacted Huawei and they inform us that “Petal 2.0 will be launched at the beginning of November, and that it will be on both platforms (Play store and App gallery), but it is not yet available”. At the time of writing, the only version available is the one numbered 1.12.

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