How to watch Netflix on an unsupported Android TV

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how to watch netflix on an unsupported android tv.jpg

Does your TV or player with Android TV not allow the download of Netflix from its Google Play Store? You do not have to do without streaming content: we explain the simplest ways to watch Netflix from your unsupported Android TV.

Google has evolved its Chromecasts to Android TV, this is a sign of the importance it has acquired for the company. Thanks to this system it is not only possible to use apps and games, but also access most streaming platforms with the highest quality. Even Apple TV +, which recently made the jump to Android TV. Now, what if a device is not compatible with a platform as popular as Netflix? So you have to find a way to solve the problem.

Install the Netflix APK on your Android TV

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In order for the Netflix application to be downloaded to a device, it must not only have a DRM protection system (Widevine in the case of Android), but also must have been certified by Netflix (for both high resolution and 720p content playback). Therefore, it may be the case that you do a search in the Play Store of your Android TV and Netflix does not appear to download. This indicates that, a priori, your device is not compatible.

If your Android TV is not compatible with Netflix you will not be able to reproduce its content in high resolution using the app, but you can stream in HD or 720p. Of course, there is no choice but to manually install Netflix in APK; without this guaranteeing that it will work on your device. It is a first step worth checking.

Installing an APK on Android TV implies

  • Download the Netflix APK. It is best to install the generic mobile application (from APK Mirror, for example), it is usually the one that offers the best compatibility (it is sufficiently adapted to use with the remote control).
  • Use your preferred method to en

    Netflix via Kodi for Android TV

    Kodi Netflix

    This is a somewhat more cumbersome method than installing a simple application, but it will still be useful for watching Netflix on an unsupported Android TV. The “trick” is to open the platform through a addon by Kodi. So you will have it integrated into your TV as if it were just another list of streaming channels.

    To watch Netflix through Kodi you need to do the following:

    • Install Kodi on your Android TV. In the event that it does not appear, you can upload the APK manually through manual processes (download it from APK Mirror).
    • Download the repository with the add-on from the GitHub. Choose Kodi version 18 or 19, depending on the one you have installed. Then upload the file to your Android TV (it is best to upload it to the folder Downloads.
    Kodi Netflix

    • Open Kodi, go to settings, go to ‘Add-ons’ and check ‘unknown sources’. It is recommended that you also choose the automatic updates (‘Install updates automatically’).
    Kodi Netflix

    • Go back to the Kodi homepage and select ‘Install from zip file’. Choose the zip repository that you uploaded to your Android TV.
    • Ready: once you install the add-on, you have everything ready to play Netflix from Kodi.
    Kodi Netflix

    You will see that Kodi has its own way of distributing Netflix content since makes use of channel categorization. You can access all the content from the menus, also use the recommendations and even your own favorites. It is not the most comfortable way, but it also has its advantages.

    The universal way: use Chromecast built-in

    Netflix Chromecast

    As all Android TV have an integrated Google Chromecast you just need to open Netflix on your mobile and launch the series, documentary or movie from there. For this you have the icon “cast“: click on it and the content will be played on TV after choosing your Android TV.

    Sometimes the simplest is what ends up giving the best results. So if you don’t want to fight with APK files or addons from Kodi, make use of the Google Chromecast built into Android TV. In this way Netflix should be played at the highest possible quality.