How to watch Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and Pluto TV through Kodi on your Android TV

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how to watch netflix hbo disney and pluto tv through.jpg

Platforms like Netflix, Disney+ or Pluto TV not available on all TVs. Either because you are using a Fire TV Stick, which for example does not have HBO, or because you are using a old version of android tv. Nowadays not having access to this type of platform from the TV is a chore, but fortunately there are alternatives like Kodi that allow you to add them.

And in addition to this, Kodi offers other advantages when viewing this type of platform. For example, it allows you to take screenshots (if the operating system you install it on allows it). It also offers you the option to customize the subtitles and, incidentally, it offers you all the content at the highest quality, something that is not guaranteed even in the web browser versions.

The steps to install Kodi on your Android TV


Before proceeding to insert any platform in Kodi, it is obviously necessary that you already have this application installed. For this you can go to the google playalthough you should know that the one found here is a previous version of the appsince it was outdated very recently.

However, we must tell you that it is still fully functional at practically all levels, including being able to add streaming platforms. In any case, if you prefer to have the latest version, you will have to download the apk. For this, we recommend you take a look at a post that we published and in which we told you precisely how to install Kodi outside of Google Play.

Wallpaper Changer


  • Developer: XBMC Foundation
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: video applications

Add streaming platforms to Kodi

If you have never used this application, we tell you that in short it does media library. The idea is that you can add your own content to playlists, but it can also be used to add streaming platforms following similar steps.

Of course, you must be clear that this it will only work if you have an active subscription to the platforms you want to add. This is precisely where the controversy with this application, since you will have to enter your passwords in a service external to the platforms. Nothing has to happen, but we only recommend it if you have no other way to install the official app on your Android TV.

That said, we are going to see the steps to follow, which consist of inserting a repository in Kodi that includes, among others, Disney +, Pluto TV and Netflix. The steps to follow for this are these:

1- Open Kodi and go to the section Settings of the application.

2- Look for the File Browser.

Kodi Steps 1

3- Now click on add source.

Kodi Steps 2

4- When a block to write appears, you must add the address where the platforms are located, having to manually write this address:

Kodi Steps 3

5- In the name field, you must write “slyguy” (without quotation marks).

Kodi Steps 4

6- Click on okay.

7- Return to Main menu and go to the section Add-ons.

8- Click on the box-shaped icon and choose the option Install from zip file.

Kodi Steps 5

9- As a source, you must choose the list created previously and which you have called slyguy.

10- Read the warning message and confirm your choice by clicking on Yes.

11- When the zip file appears you will already be in front of the repository, having only to click on it to install it.

Kodi Steps 6

12- Once you install the repository, you must go back again to the box-shaped icon, now having to choose the option Install from repository and then choose slyguy repository.

Kodi Steps 7

Kodi Steps 8

13- Go back and enter Add-ons to find the section Videoin which you will find all the repository platforms, having to install them one by one.

Kodi Steps 9

Kodi Steps 10

Kodi Steps 11

Start Watching Platforms on Kodi

Once you’ve followed the steps above for each of the platforms, tap configure them to be able to see them. The most recommended in this section is to follow these steps:

1- Open the Settings of the application as you did at the beginning of the process.

2- Go to the section Advanced and click on (Re)install Widevine CMD.

Kodi Steps 12

3- A message will appear saying that you must install Inputstream Adaptivewhich you must accept by clicking on Yes.

4- Choose now the latest version there is Inputstream Adaptive.

Kodi Steps 13

Ready! Once you’ve done this you will already have Netflix, Disney + and / or Pluto TV configured in Kodi. Once you open them you will see that it is like having the application, having to log in normally by entering your credentials and choosing your profile.

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