How to use the magnifying glass on an Android mobile to enlarge a part of the screen

how to use the magnifying glass on an android mobile.jpg
how to use the magnifying glass on an android mobile.jpg

If you have problems seeing something on the mobile screen, you can choose to change the size of the mobile text, although it will not work for you in all cases. For when you need a magnifying glass for your mobile, it will be useful to use the accessibility function of enlarge screen, present in one form or another in the vast majority of Android phones.

In some cases it is called Magnification, in others magnifying glass, but it comes to the same thing: an accessibility function so that you can zoom anywhere on the screen to see something larger, just like you can do with a photo in the gallery application. We tell you how you can activate the magnifying glass on an Android mobile.

How to activate the magnifying glass on Android

Android mobiles come with a good collection of built-in accessibility features, although they are not activated out of the box. If you want to use them, you must go to the Android Settings to be able to use them. The menus and their names may be slightly different in the different customization layers, although it is quite common for them to be categorized in the section Accessibility settings.

One of these accessibility features is commonly called Extension, although in some mobiles it could be called something else. For example, in Samsung mobiles it is called Magnifying glass. Sometimes it could be hidden within another submenu. If you can’t find it, use the search engine at the top.


In order to use the Android magnifying glass, you must activate the function, in addition to choose an activation method. That is, select a shortcut with which the magnifying glass function will be activated. Different versions of Android and customization layers give you different activation possibilities:

  • Via the accessibility button. This method is usually available and is fairly straightforward. It will add a new icon in the navigation bar that, when clicked, will activate the magnifying glass.
  • Holding down the volume keys. Another way to activate the magnifying glass that might be available in your mode is to press and hold the two volume keys on your mobile at the same time.
  • With a triple touch. A fairly easy mode, although it could be activated inadvertently in games is the triple tap. After making a quick triple tap on the screen, the magnifying glass is activated.

In addition to choosing the activation mode, you may be able to choose the type of enlargement, an option that will arrive natively with Android 12, although you could find it in some layers of customization.

There are basically two types of enlargement: full screen or part of the screen. Full-screen magnification increases the size of everything and is the equivalent of zooming in on a photo in the gallery. Zooming in on a part of the screen enlarges a specific box, being more similar to the effect of a magnifying glass. You can also find an option whereby they alternate between these two options.


With everything configured, the only thing left is to activate the extension itself. Of course, it depends on which method you have chosen before. For example, if you selected a shortcut in the navigation bar, you would have to tap on it. When magnification is activated, a orange box over the area in which it is active.


Use the gesture of pinch to zoom and, when you want to deactivate the magnifying glass, repeat the same activation process. In the case of enlarging a part of the screen, you can move the box to locate it in another place.